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Sinking into Debt ???

sinking into debt
sinking into debt

Sinking into Debt ?

Consolidate all your debt legally through the national credit act.

This is your only legal way to protect your assets.

You may even qualify for INTEREST RATE concessions.


Debt Trap – Revolving Debt – Never Ending Debt – Debt Counselling – Debt Help – Debt Relief – Protect Your Assets – One Installment PER MONTH – Reduced Installment – Legal Action Prevented – Completely Confidential – Free 1/2 hour consultation & assessment – Clear your credit records – Total Transparency – Immediate Debt Relief – We cater for arrears school fees as well

Let me sort out your debt and you can possibly be Debt Free in 2-5 years and retain your car and house in the process.

We budget for your Arrears SCHOOL FEES as well as current SCHOOL FEE obligations


We mediate with your Credit Providers on your behalf.

You have 20 days to contact us after receiving a Letter of Demand or Section 129 letter otherwise a summons will be issued.

I am honest and professional in my approach and enjoy assisting citizens under this Act of Parliament. It is meant for you the citizen, so use it honestly and in good faith.

I can only work with the facts and information before me and what I have obtained from the Credit Report and your earnings and assets and this I communicate to all your Credit Providers

Debt stressed citizens/consumers/parents and School Staff are often unaware of these concessions which consist of a combination of; Reduced if not nil interest rates subject to guidelines, no monthly credit agreement fees and cheaper credit insurance, extended repayment terms within the guidelines, surrendering of excess assets/vehicles in a controlled and constructive manner thus getting the most value from the sale.. etc., Thus allowing citizens/consumers to carry on a dignified and as normal but luxury absent lifestyle, clear of debt and debt stress, meeting all their statutory obligations (school fees and child support) and repayments to credit providers.